Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016 - Project Stats

February 2016 - Project Stats

Total number of women in the project: 187
24 different countries
Total distance traveled: February 2016: 5,557 miles (8,943 km)
Total distance traveled: 25,764 miles (41,614 km)

Number of women who received the book this month: 2

Total number of women who have written in the Book: 37
Number of women left to receive it: 150

February 2015 Project Update

This month the Notebook got to make a quick side trip to visit with the Project's creator, Kristen, in western Washington!  Kristen took the Notebook on lots of exciting adventures, had a lunch date with an MRKH woman who added her page to the book, and took lots of pictures! 
Every page written in the Notebook written so far has now been photographed and documented, just in case! 

Kristen sent the Notebook to Orlando, Florida on a Top Secret Mission. Keeping it a secret from everyone, the Notebook was sent to Florida to surprise a group of MRKH women meeting up for the first time!

Mission success! The Notebook made it in plenty of time and all the women enjoyed it greatly.

We added two new girls to the project this month!

Next stop, Canada!

Go Book, go!